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david garcia

From Davids earlist childhood years people knew it was inevitable that he would become an artist. David has the creative ability to analyze and rectify art, which creates a piece all his own. When people view Davids early creations they were so well constructed that they took the mind away for the orginal piece. He took his natural talent and began to create art by using his computer. Davids work sparked the interest of world renowned graphic designer Jim Graca. David later started his apprenticeship under close guidance of Mr. Graca. During his studies with Mr. Graca David worked on projects for many high profile clients.

Today David creates for his own well established graphic design firm “DodosDesign”. He collaborates with many people and business helping them communicate messages using digital designs to target specific audiences. David designs many different kinds of media from animated websites to print. Davids wide range of styles does not allow viewers to label or put him in a certain category besides professionally developed.

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